Photo Session with Syafiqah

Syafiqah 01

Taman Tropika, UTM

I had this opportunity to shoot the charming Syafiqah a few weeks before.

She is my colleague in my new workplace.
We don't really talk, although being in the same work space. 
At that time, I was out of images to publish, and then I found her smile to be quite captivating.
So, light-bulb activated and bluntly I just asked: "Hi, can you help me to be my model?"
You guess the answer.

It was just me alone so, I had to get her friend, Ufie to help being the light(wo)man.
Kudos to Ufie!

Syafiqah was shy and nervous in front of the camera as she had never done any modeling before.
And of course who wouldn't be intimidated when someone is pointing some little bazooka at you with a big-arse white umbrella right next to your face?
Well, but she was quite a natural at posing that quite a few times she just moved to a pose without me even instructing.

Well, we had quite a fun during the photo shoot session that day.
Really looking forward to have another session with her.

One of the images that I selected for stock submission
That captivating smile
Syafiqah 03
A little close up

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  1. Wow! Beautiful picture we have got capture. This article is very nice. Thanks for sharing with us.


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