Portrait Editing Phase 1 – Image Analysis

Let’s get started with the image above. This image is straight out of camera (SOOC).
What is wrong with it? Technically, nothing is wrong. The exposure might seem over, but the histogram says it is well exposed.

Here is a bit detail on the shot. The lighting setup was a single speedlite off camera to the right frame with translucent umbrella, somewhere around 2 meters from her and at 45 degrees down. The other light source was a bright yellowish ambient light to her right. It was near noon so the sun was blinding bright. The whole area was in a shade but notice how bright that floor on the background is.

I deliberately shoot the model without any makeup on her at all and chose her because she wears glasses (for the sake of personal challenge). So, before starting any editing, first we must make a quick analysis on what to do.
  1. What to remove?
  2. What to fix?
  3. What kind of mood are we going after?

From the image above, we have a few things that we need to remove:
  1. Facial spot. No one has the perfect face. 
  2. Glares on her glasses. 
  3. Distracting background elements. 

As well of some other fixes
  1. Exposure correction.
  2. Eyes contrast due to the glasses. 
  3. Yellow color cast on the right side of the model. 
  4. Blueish color on her left face due to contrasting light temperature on left and right. 

For mood, this is where you can get creative. It is up to your taste. For me, I am going for a clean standard portrait look. Nothing fancy. 

That’s it! We’ll go into elements removal on next post. Stay tuned!

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