Travelog - Pantai Penunjuk

Pantai Penunjuk!
Overview of Pantai Penunjuk
I had a chance to visit this place the other day.
It was a totally random visit. I did not even know the place existed in the first place.
Never heard of the place. Maybe because it is not as popular as other places. But believe me, it is majestically beautiful.

Fishermen boats by the beach during low tide in the middle of the day
So, where is this beach located?

As shown in the map above, Pantai Penunjuk is located in Kijal, Terengganu.
It is just 18km away from the nearest town, Chukai; Around 80km from Kuantan city center; And 150km from Kuala Terengganu.

Welcome to Malaysia!
If you are from Kuala Lumpur, then you can get there fast by the LPT-LPT2 (Exit 845 Kijal).
But if you prefer the scenic route, then you should take the Exit 836 to Cherating, and take the Gebeng Bypass to get pass the messy bauxite mining area. From there just continue north until you reach Chukai. Then keep on going north about 7km, until you reach an industrial area and find a signboard saying "Kaw. Perindustrian Teluk Kalung", where you need to turn right at the traffic light.
Keep on going straight for another 10km, where you need to turn right into a small road which will go directly to the beach.

Pantai Penunjuk. Such a beautifully clean beach
Well, in these modern time, Mr. Google always help if you are lost. Provided there's network coverage that is. Which, the area is well covered. So, no worries if you are lost. Be sure to bring along powerbank!

Notice how the fishermen boats up high on the beach.
I was too excited taking the breathtaking scenery that I forgot to take the pictures of the surrounding.
There is a food center and a lot of small stalls by the beach. Public toilet is also provided.

People taking dip in the water
The sand is white and beautiful, and the water is crystal clear. However, may I give a friendly reminder. The beach is quite steep, and the waves can be quite strong at times. Which is why a constant red flag is raised. Take note that it was in April, where during monsoon season (October to February), the weather gets rough and the beach is definitely off limit for safety reason.

Anyway still, it is definitely a worth stop.

More angles!
There are these beautiful rocks formation, which has unusual shapes, at least as when I compare them with other rocks in other beaches.
Those edges gets me. How did they form? Anybody?
Is that... a dinosaur skeleton?
Rocks. More rocks.
There are seagulls too!
The rib cage formation.. or so I call it
Look at that crystal clear water
These rock dump seems unusual to me. Seems a bit too unnatural. But who could move those massive boulders?
And finally, there is my wife. :)


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